Seasonal Entertainment Trays

Mixed Special

A Combination of most of Hewitts homemade desserts

Prices and Sizes:

Small (40pc) $24.95
Party Size (75 pcs) $ 36.95

Traditional Holiday Treats

Hewitts homemade butter tarts, cinnamon swirls, brownies & cookies guarantee to please your guests!

Prices and Sizes:

Small (40pc) $ 22.95
Party Size (75 pcs) $32.95

Fancy Squares

A selection of Hewitts classic dessert assortment made with the love of generational recipes.

Prices and Sizes:

Small (40 pc) $ 28.95
Party Size (75 pcs) $43.95

Cookie Delight

A delicious variety Hewitts homemade cookies

Prices and Sizes:

Small (40pc) $23.95
Party Size (75 pcs) $34.95

All gift baskets/tray pricing does not include applicable taxes.  Custom baskets can be built with 24 hours to 5 days notice (depending on request due to the nature of products being brought in fresh).  Customers are welcome to bring some of their own items to the market and we can combine them with some of our items to create a custom basket/box.  We do the wrapping for you, give us a call today.